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Oct '06

It’s here

The mail brought the package today to SW PA– gorgeous yarn, keychain, invitation for next year and so much more!

19 Responses to “It’s here”

  1. Ella Says:

    Please post pics so I can live vicariously through others until mine arrives.

  2. Adelle Says:

    I just got mine, too, and I think this is my favorite color so far!

  3. Adelle Says:

    I just posted a photo on my web site, if anyone wants a peek…

  4. Linda Says:

    YUMMMM!!! I went home at noon, just to see if my mail had arrived……it had. Now I have to knit like crazy to finish the Titania’s Revenge second foot so I can get into this new pretty stuff. It’s a gorgeous color - can’t wait!!

  5. fu2x818 Says:

    Dang it! I’ll bet mine is here too and I’M STUCK AT WORK!! Hurry up five o’clock!

  6. Shelley Says:

    I am stuck at work and won’t get home till 7:00 or later and I bet mine is there also! Something to look forward to.

  7. Terry Says:

    Well I can’t wait for mine to come so I ran over to Adelle’s - ooooooh!

  8. Sherie Says:

    ARGH! I’m stuck at work too! Can’t wait to get home and see if the package has made it to Texas yet…..

  9. Leslie Says:

    I’m just glad Adelle was kind enough to show us some pics! Mine will get here when I gets here-I refuse to think it will arrive today because I don’t want to be disappointed if it isn’t there when I get home!


  10. Maria Says:

    Thanks Adelle for showing a picture! Otherwise, there’s no way I would have been able to wait until tonight. And there’s a thesis that has to be finished :( I think as soon as I finish it, I deserve a day of uninterrupted knitting with the new kit. :)

  11. Becky Says:

    Adelle - thanks for the quick fix - Now I might survive until my package arrives.

  12. Adelle Says:

    You are all so welcome!!!

    How bad are we?! :)

  13. Gale Says:

    There’s no way mine will be here before Friday. I hope I don’t miss out on the invitation to next year’s sock club.

  14. Becky Says:

    Got mine - the mail came and it was in there!!!

  15. Terry Says:

    I just noticed (got mine too!) that my mailings have been hand stamped by the post office - I suppose the Scappoose postal employees arms get a work out every so often :)

  16. Alyssa Says:

    It has arrived in Chicagoland. Gorgeous!

  17. Puppymomma Says:

    Mine’s not here yet either. And its already being posted on the Socknitters Yahoo group that they’ve opened up registration for 2007!

  18. Shelley Says:

    Adelle- Thank you! I really love it! Mine did not come here in MD but I bet it will tomorrow. Boy I can’t wait! I never could wait for Christmas, always snooping. I tapped that key and viola’, just couldn’t wait.
    Now what is this about registration for sock club? Oh no, they wouldn’t do that to us. We are their favorites :-)

  19. Kristine Says:

    Ooo I can’t wait! I don’t think they’ve made it as far as the northeast yet, and it’s not like I haven’t so many things on the needles right now that I don’t think I *could* cast on socks if I wanted to, unless I buy more needles (which would be BAD for me…although I do want another set of the Susan Bates socks)…but still…

    Already registered for next year.

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