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Nov '06

Things I know

#1 - I have 2 weeks left to finish the Swallowtail Shawl so that I can wear it to my husband’s holiday office party

#2 - I have a pair of socks on needles, to knit when I need a project that does not require too much concentration.

#3 - I have not yet knit the last sock club kit, although I have finished all the others.

#4 - There will be a brand new sock club kit in my mailbox in a matter of weeks.

#5 - I have just ordered a skein of Henpecked, because I truly can not help myself.

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  1. LBinVA Says:

    Substitute an aran sweater for #1 and two skeins of chicken colors for #5 and you’ve echoed my current knitting status!

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